Meet John


Hi, I am John R. Legg. I have photographed nearly everything. From the famous country stars of Nashville, to intimate weddings around the United States. Since 2016, I have focused more on wedding and engagement photography, as I have found more joy and sentiment in the work I deliver to clients.

I am a big fan of history, and hold a B.A. in History, and currently am awaiting responses for Ph.D. programs around the United States. I hope to continue my passion of studying the transformative events of Native Americans during the era of the Civil War and Reconstruction. I love to combine both history and photography, and if you're interested, you can follow my blogs on this website or at Memory and Prelude.

As of 2017, I have put a hold to *most* wedding bookings. Unsure where I will be moving off to for graduate studies, I do not want to commit myself to many weddings as I have the past two years.

So, as you explore my portfolio, I hope you notice my passion for photography. I love intimate, real moments. I love candid photographs, where I can capture the true passion of people during such a happy occasion.






The Knot


Warner Music - Nashville

Brantley Gilbert "Let It Ride" Tour

Brantley Gilbert & Brian Davis' number one hit

"One Hell of an Amen" photo in Nashville

Middle Georgia State University "Finding Greatness"

13 WMAZ - Macon

The Telegraph &