Luke Bryan Farm Tour // Macon, Georgia / by John Legg

Luke Bryan during his new single "Kick The Dust Up." He passed out 5 cans of beer to the crowd.

           Luke Bryan Farm Tour is a tradition during the fall time of each year. He travels from Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, as well as other places. The show is an outdoor event that is a great experience. This was my second time shooting Farm Tour, first being in 2013, and I plan on returning next year.

          2015 Farm Tour was a show that I will never forget; Filled with four amazing acts, the photos will speak for themselves. The show started off with Chancie Neal, who has been on the tour for four straight years before 2015. She is a SONY/ATV Song writer, and demonstrated her performing and writing skills to the country crowd.

Chancie Neal near the end of her performance at Farm Tour.

After Chancie, a feller named Chris Janson came out to entertain the crowd. He new single "Buy Me A Boat" was the only song I heard of his, and after his entertaining performance, I've had his music blasting non-stop. He was fun to photograph; Jamming out on harmonica and jumping in the air will be the highlight from every song.

Chris Janson during a harmonica solo.

Sam Hunt was next in line, and you could sure tell the crowd was awaiting him to come on stage. The Georgia born hunt, has had hit after hit on the radio. His style of Country fused with R&B roots is a game changer, and he definitely knows how to put on a great show. After shooting him at various other festivals, I knew that I'd get some great shots. I even got to finally meet his tour photographer, Steven Alan Worster (who you should check out on Instagram @Thestevenalan).

Sam swoons the girls with his song "Take Your Time."

Tyrone Carreker & Joshua Burkett Jam out during one of the solo breaks.

Luke Bryan, the reason Farm Tour was made possible, was finally coming on stage. During his set, I only had access to photograph his second and third songs. I missed a lot of great shots during the first, as he was right in front of my face. During the songs I covered, Luke demonstrated crazy dance moves and definitely showed the crowd a great time. I'm honored, and thankful to Jessie Schmidt (Luke's Promoter) for giving me access to the show, and The Blue Indian for letting me shoot for them.