United States Renowned Photographer. Will travel.

 photo by Jason scott lee, 2015. 

photo by Jason scott lee, 2015. 

Hey there, i'm glad you made it to this section of my website. I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time looking through my photos. I have spent countless hours of taking photos, editing, traveling, sleeping, eating, dreaming that people enjoy what i do. I absolutely love my job, and i hope the positivity spreads into your minds while exploring my art. 

i am a middle georgia wedding photographer, located in Macon, Georgia, but happily serve all of Georgia with class and care. Though my home is located in Bibb county, my heart (and portfolio) reflect my love for atlanta, savannah, the north georgia mountains, and the coastal planes of the south. I'm not only a middle georgia wedding photographer; i have travelled the country capturing wedding and engagement photos (michigan, Nashville, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, just to name a few), making michigan and nashville feel like a piece of home as well.  my goal is to approach each wedding from a unique perspective and love for carefree and the  joy of southern living. be it in macon, Nashville, or beyond, my camera is an extension of my heart and home. 


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