Why am I no longer booking weddings (right now):

Starting in August 2018, I will embark on a [hopeful] six year journey to achieve my Master's Degree and Ph.D. in American History. This Fall, I will move to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend Virginia Tech for my MA. I have ceased wedding booking in Georgia for now, that way I am not over-doing myself in my first semester of graduate school. Most of my current weddings are in Georgia, and traveling back and forth could be burdensome.

If you are in Virginia, please send me a message if interested in my wedding services.

If you are seeking a wedding photographer in Middle Georgia, please consider Buckner F. Melton, Jr. I've worked with Buck on multiple occasions, and he is very capable as a wedding photographer. He offers beautiful, timeless photographs that will help you reflect back on the biggest day of your life!
You can see his website and portfolio here,